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Shalom Harlow and Her Armpits Cover Oyster (Forum Buzz)

Oyster #99 - Shalom Harlow by Cass Bird

Shalom Harlow slipped into a Thierry Mugler dress and stepped in front of Cass Bird’s camera lens for the cover of Oyster #99. Photographed against dark wood paneling with very little makeup covering Shalom’s beautiful face, this is definitely not your typical cover. But, it works for Oyster and Shalom never fails to deliver no matter what the circumstances are.

“It's always refreshing to see Cass Bird's works,” wrote congacon. “Love Cass Bird and love Shalom. Great cover!”

Lightblue observed, “Shalom looks perfect and young,” and arkasha agreed. “Exactly!” she exclaimed. “I thought she was a younger model at first glance!”

If you get beyond the cover you’ll find Sally Singer photographed by Cass Bird, Tavi Gevinson photographed by Petra Collins, and Bambi Northwood-Blyth also photographed by Bird.

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.