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Selena Gomez, a Balmain Top, and the Color Yellow Brought to You By Elle Magazine (Forum Buzz)

Selena Gomez - Elle July 2012Elle’s July 2012 cover is all about Selena Gomez, the color yellow, and (if you haven’t been blinded by the bright) the Balmain top she’s wearing. The cover is kind of good, and kind of an assault on the eyes, making forum members split in their opinions.

YoninahAliza posted, “It looks like a cheesy British tabloid cover. Like Grazia or something. The yellow background is really awful and it makes Selena look washed-out. Shame really, because it probably would have been a decent cover without the yellow background and the terrible font.”

MulletProof wasn’t crazy about the ‘Selena’ font either, but overall she sang a different tune. “I love it!” she posted. “It would've been perfect if they hadn't chosen to put her name like that; it cheapens it. Other than that this reminds me of V/Pop stuff from the mid 00s. I find the yellow font and the gaudy shirt pretty refreshing amongst the perfectly 'ethereal'/natural/outdoorsy aesthetic we've been seeing over and over in the past two years.”

“Finally! I love this, too!’ La bordélique agreed. “I was so sick of the white background and over-photoshopped cover stars shot with harsh flash… I'm glad she's not pulling a cheesy smile or trying hard to look sophisticated,” she added.

The excessive text on the cover doesn’t really help the situation on the cover, but if Elle is looking for a way to stand out on the newsstand then it looks like they’ve found it.