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Alexander Skarsgard Does His Best ‘Blue Steel’ for Calvin Klein’s Encounter Fragrance (Forum Buzz)

Calvin Klein Encounter fragrance ad - Lara Stone, Alexander Skarsgard

A brooding Alexander Skarsgard stars alongside Lara Stone in the ad campaign for Calvin Klein’s Encounter fragrance. Steven Klein photographed the ad with an industrial grey/blue tinge that aims to project the masculinity of the fragrance.

“I’m sort of loving/hating this,” mistress_f posted. “I think it would've looked better if he didn’t have a major case of ‘Blue Steel’ face in it.” Seeing as Skarsgard played one of Ben Stiller’s ill-fated model roommates in Zoolander, he should be able to channel “Blue Steel” better than most. It's probably a tough habit to break, muscle memory and all. 

Yesitsdagny wrote, “My opinion is probably deeply biased by my inner devotion to both Lara and Alex but I just love it. It's the hottest pairing I can dream of… so yeah, I love it!”

Is anyone else looking forward to the television spots for this fragrance? I’m anticipating something steamy and hoping Skarsgard will lose the shirt. Fingers crossed!