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Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2012 Fashion Train (Forum Buzz)

Louis Vuitton fall 2012 ad campaign photographed by Steven Meisel

Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2012 ad campaign picks up where the brand's runway show left off. Harkening back to the glamorous era of high class train travel, Steven Meisel photographed a gaggle of models settling into the gilded interior of a train carrying eye-catching bags, wearing statement-making feather embellished hats, and of course, decked out in Louis Vuitton’s fine clothing, outerwear, and a multitude of other accessories.

“It looks good so far,” Melancholybaby posted. “The styling (by Karl Templer I presume) really is the star of the picture,” he added.

Marc10 commented, “Even though they copied the show's concept and styling, it's still remarkably beautiful. Love the old cinematic feeling. And I like the casting, all lovely new models that somehow work the clothes in a fun way.”

Psylocke also thought the campaign was off to a good start. “Awesome!” she exclaimed. “I loved the runway show and think this has a similarly cool and romantic vibe to it.”

So many of the pieces in this collection are embellished and over the top, but somehow (maybe it’s the colors and tones?) the ad maintains an almost restrained feeling. There’s something so dignified about train travel (or there used to be anyway) that it makes for a great juxtaposition with Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2012 collection. Well played.