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Can Kendra Spears’ Beautiful Face Redeem Vogue Germany’s July Cover? (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Germany July 2012 cover - Kendra Spears

Model Kendra Spears covers Vogue Germany’s July issue in a shot by photography duo Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer, and her pretty face may be the only thing this cover has going for it. Dressed in a loud pattern-clash from Prada’s Fall 2012 collection that’s a bit too reminiscent of 70s polyester and styled with multicolored hair and an abundance of purple and orange text, the cover look is a bit of an eyesore.

“Wow, I don't like anything about this,” Psylocke laughed. “Awful hair, awful styling, horrible color clashes and weird text placement. Vogue Germany needs to get it together; most of their covers and main editorials have been so unappealing lately. At least it's a refreshing model choice for a cover,” she conceded.

Northern Star wrote, “Even a crappy Prada outfit and bizarre dyed hair cannot detract from the fact that Kendra has one of the most beautiful faces in modeling right now. Suppose I kinda like it…I think,” he tentatively decided.

“For me, her face is the only redeeming factor,” tigerrouge declared.

Is Kendra’s face enough to redeem the rest of this jumbled mess of a cover? The whole thing almost looks like a little bit of a joke. Did the Vogue Germany team challenge themselves to do as much as possible to detract from Kendra’s attractiveness? Because the deck is certainly stacked against her in this shot.

Image: Germany