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Dior’s Gorgeous Summer Mix Collection Campaign [VIDEO] (Forum Buzz)

Makeup campaigns tend to be a bit bland, boring, and interchangeable, but Dior’s Summer Mix Collection campaign featuring Julia Hafstrom has something special about it that sets it apart from the rest. There’s an almost retro feel to the look that makes the campaign seem surprisingly fresh. Fashion Spot forum members tried to put their finger on the campaign's draw.

Dior Summer Mix ad

“That really works,” wrote Northern Star. “The print ad looks vintage, but then the commercial looks very now. Julia is a surprising but welcome choice of model for this, and she looks great and sells it.”

Justaguy called the campaign “clean, simple, and absolutely beautiful. Has a little bit of a ‘50s feel to me, but still so very now.”

Dior Summer Mix ad

The ads even made Psylocke overlook a personal bias, “This is really good, even if pink with orange/red is one of my least favorite color combinations,” she admitted. “This looks gorgeous.”

Gorgeous, and kind of fun, which is a great combination for summer (or any time really). Check out the video below to see the campaign in motion.