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Worst Idea Ever? Yves Saint Laurent to Say Goodbye to the Letter ‘Y’ (Forum Buzz)

YSLBig changes are afoot at Yves Saint Laurent now that Hedi Slimane is at the helm as creative director of the brand. One of Slimane’s first moves now that he has “total creative responsibility for the brand image and all its collections,” according to WWD, is to change the name of the brand to Saint Laurent Paris. Slimane wants to usher in a new Saint Laurent era that recaptures the youth, freedom, and modernity the line had when it launched in 1966.

The new name will be introduced in the coming months and should be completely rolled out by the time Slimane shows his first collection for Spring 2013. Though the details are still sketchy, it seems the iconic YSL logo will remain. This name change is just one part of Slimane’s multi-pronged approach. We already know that he intends to design from his creative studio in Los Angeles and he is rumored to be working on new store concepts for YSL…or is it SLP now? This whole thing just seems messy and inconsistent. Truth be told, it’s not sitting well with me, or with any other Fashion Spot forum members.

Thefrenchy got riled up by the news: “I find [the name change] unnecessary and utterly stupid. The name Yves Saint Laurent resonates in a whole different way than ‘Saint Laurent Paris,’ which makes it sound like a dusty maison de couture from the early 30s. [Slimane] should focus on being remembered for his designs at YSL, instead of being remembered as the one who changed the name of the house.”

Glitterpeacock wasn’t feeling it either. “How about instead of changing the brand's name and refusing to stay in Paris, [Slimane] puts his stamp on the brand by creating amazing clothes? His current actions reek of inflated ego, with an out of date portfolio being his only defense.”

I’ll spare you the rest of our outraged reactions, so let’s just say we’re not happy and leave it at that.

Image: imaxtree