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Veronique Branquinho is Back! (Forum Buzz)

Veronique Branquinho fall 2009Three years after filing for bankruptcy and shuttering her eponymous clothing line, Veronique Branquinho is returning to the ready-to-wear schedule in Paris. This time around, Branquinho is partnering up with Italian clothing manufacturer Gibò to present a slightly lower-priced collection than her former line, with offerings that are a “bit more adult” than her previous designs.

Branquinho’s new relationship with Gibò will allow her to focus solely on the creative, whereas before, as an independent label, she was responsible for every part of the business. The Italian manufacturer said:

“Gibò will focus on re-establishing the brand in quality stores around the world starting with ready-to-wear and shoes, followed in the future by accessories.”

Forum members, like Scott, were especially excited about Branquinho’s return to ready-to-wear. “YEAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” he exclaimed. “Sorry, but so thrilled when I saw this,” he continued. “But Branquinho hasn't been totally invisible these last years,” he reminded us. “She's also worked a sunglass line for Linda Farrow, a collaboration shoe-line with Camper, and her line of handbags for the Belgian leather-goods company Delvaux.” Among other projects. Branquingo also recently presented a lingerie collection with Marie Jo L’Aventure at Antwerp Fashion Week. She may have shut down her own label, but she’s definitely been keeping busy.

“Much like Jil [Sander, who is also returning to her eponymous label next season, Branquinho] is all about strong, independent women. Anxious (and I must say I’m kind of confused) about what she meant by ‘a bit more adult’ collection,” missbluejean posted.

Whether the collection is a "bit more adult” or not, forum members have high expectations for Branquinho’s return. Her runway presentation is sure to be hotly anticipated once Paris Fashion Week rolls around.

Image: a look from Branquinho’s last collection for Fall 2009;