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Vogue Italia Goes Dark and Dramatic for July (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Italia July 2012 cover

For years, Vogue Italia has marched to the beat of its own drum, creating cutting edge, avant-garde covers that set it apart from other fashion magazines. That being said, Fashion Spot forum members have felt that the publication has lost its luster as of late and this year, they’ve been continually disappointed as one cover after another has failed to excite or meet expectations of excellence. Luckily, it looks like the tides have turned and that old Vogue Italia spirit we know and love is out in full force for a fold out July cover featuring six models in dark and gauzy Gucci dresses.

“AMAZING! Welcome back Steven Meisel!” MON posted.

“I have no words for this, best Vogue cover this year,” jmrmartinho commented. “It’s so edgy and haunting. The way the models are positioned almost reminds me of a horror movie. This is impressive and it’s why I still believe in Meisel.”

“I adore this cover, the girls look fierce as HELL!!!” Zephons declared. “Very dark and gothic!”

YoninahAliza agreed, pointing out that dark and gothic are areas where Vogue Italia excels. “Wow! Now that's how you do a Vogue cover! It seems to me that Vogue Italia is often at its best when it does moody covers; they usually end up being quite striking.”

This certainly isn’t your typical July cover. We’ve seen citrus hues, models playing in the surf and laying by the pool, but this is the first (and probably the most unexpected) group of models clad in black gowns posing on the saddest swing set you’ll ever see in a concrete room. It sounds terrible, but as you can see, it’s awesome, and exactly what we didn't know we were missing.