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Keep Cultivating Your Emma Stone Girl Crush With Vogue UK’s August 2012 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue UK August 2012 - Emma Stone by Patrick Demarchelier

Emma Stone graced the cover of US Vogue last month, and this month you’ll see her decked out in Max Mara houndstooth on the cover of British Vogue’s August issue. Any girl crushes on Emma should still be fully intact, as catherine88 is already calling the new cover “the best cover of Vogue UK this year.”

Hexagon sun posted, “Emma looks great here, and I prefer this to her Vogue US cover (which I also liked). This one is more natural and I think the look suits her better.”

“Stunning!” Marc10 exclaimed. “Ugh this girl is just perfect, one of the few celebs that I don't mind seeing in every magazine. And it's miles better than her US Vogue cover, which was already amazing. Impeccable styling too, very London,” he added.

“I have zero complaints with the cover,” vogue28 shared. “Emma looks fantastic through Patrick Demarchelier's lens. The cover shot has such vibrant colors, I'm eager to see the editorial.”

Which country’s Vogue will/should Emma cover next month? Wouldn’t that be kind of awesome if it really did happen? Three Vogue covers in three months would be quite a feat, but I think she could pull it off.