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Rihanna Does Her Thing on the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar

When it comes to being a pop star, Rihanna totally nails it. The Barbadian singer is crazy-famous but not overexposed, sexy but not oversexed, beautiful but not overdone. Etc., etc., etc. (Ok fine, I'll keep going: candid not transparent, talented not virtuosic, troubled not out-of-contol.)

Her behavior and persona are just so well modulated that you'll never truly be surprised by anything she says or does. I'm not saying she's unlikable — and, in fact, I like her very very much — but I do think she's boring in a fundamental but still commercially viable way.

So if you buy Rihanna's Harper's Bazaar cover on the newsstands in the upcoming weeks, I couldn't possibly blame you. Dressed in silk Calvin Klein, the pop star looks mischievous and seductive, as is her wont. In the accompanying interview, she chatters playfully about her hide-and-go-seek butt, "opens up" about that one time she loved so hard it broke her, and says she was totally shocked that her Chris Brown "Birthday Cake" collaboration caused so much public outrage. She's given this exact same interview approximately five-hundred-and-ninety-seven times. Like the rest of us, Rihanna's stuck inside an infinite feedback loop.

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