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The Verdict on Marion Cotillard’s August Vogue Cover? Gorgeous But Boring (Forum Buzz)

Marion Cotillard - Vogue August 2012The stunning Marion Cotillard photographs beautifully (her Dior ads and every other picture she’s every appeared in are a testament to that), so she’s a safe bet for a magazine cover, and clearly Anna Wintour is aware of that. Marion graces the cover of Vogue’s August issue, and while she’s gorgeous as usual, forum members found the cover to be a bit lackluster.

IAmLordZen described the cover as “borderline boring… but my GOD Marion has such a lovely face and with the right photographer, it just permeates through the picture.”

GarageGlamorour wasn’t wowed, and he placed the blame on the Vogue team. “It's boring,” he stated. “[Marion] looks gorgeous, but that isn't something to praise Vogue for. They could have done wonders with her.”

Miss Dalloway posted, “She looks beautiful, but wow is this insipid, just beyond boring! This cover certainly doesn’t want to make me run out and get it.” That's probably not what you want to hear if you're Conde Nast. Or Marion Cotillard. Or the studio behind the new Batman movie. 

Image courtesy of Conde Nast