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Mila Kunis Loves the Paparazzi in the New Miss Dior Handbag Ads (Forum Buzz)

In her second campaign for Dior’s Miss Dior handbag line, Mila Kunis channels a 50s Hollywood screen siren with her bouffant hair style, conservative classic dress, and retro photography by Mario Sorrenti. The black-and-white ads were shot in Los Angeles and styled by Carine Roitfeld, with Kunis playing the part of a young woman who loves the camera and is clearly no stranger to the paparazzi’s lens.

Miss Dior Handbags - Mila Kunis by Mario Sorrenti and Carine Roitfeld

Not everyone in the forums is convinced of Mila’s performance for Dior. “I don't like this concept,” catalytic posted. “Mila is so not 50s glamour and why is she waving for a taxi fifteen stories up on a balcony?” A valid point; it can be hard enough to find a cab when you’re standing in the street, never mind attempting the feat from a balcony.

“The paparazzi thing is annoying. I'll never going to understand the relation Dior/Kunis, why her?” FelipeV asked.

Miss Dior Handbags - Mila Kunis by Mario Sorrenti and Carine Roitfeld

“In all fairness [Dior] has got it spot on with choosing Mila as a spokesperson for the brand," Chanelcouture09 argued. "So many girls (and guys) I know adore her and think she's pretty (or hot), so it's instantly grabbing their attention with her being cast for this campaign and like LagerfeldBoy pointed out, they've cast a range of women to appeal to all age brackets."

Behind the scenes imagery and the now seemingly compulsory mini film will be rolled out on the Miss Dior website as of Wednesday. I like Mila, and I like her for Dior, so despite the oversaturation of these campaign videos I think she’ll be ever more charming in movement, so I look forward to seeing it.