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Lara Stone Covers Vogue Korea’s 16th Anniversary Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Korea August 2012 - Lara Stone in Calvin Klein

In a black-and-white image that clearly shows off her best assets, Lara Stone and her incredible Calvin Klein-clad cleavage cover Vogue Korea’s 16th anniversary issue.

“The photo is beautiful but it looks exactly like her Calvin ads,” Bertrando3 posted, expressing a little disappointment.

For jmrmartinho, the resemblance to any prior photos of Lara was not a detraction. “I LOVE this cover. It’s so simple yet striking,” he wrote. “It’s great for Vogue Korea to get Lara, they are getting really big this year.”

Agee liked “Lara’s vulnerable yet compelling presence” but found issue with the proportions on the cover. “You have these big letters, her small head and then her big boobs,” she explained.

It might be Vogue Korea’s 16th anniversary, but Lara’s boobs steal the show.

Image courtesy of Vogue Korea.