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Miranda Kerr Loves Floral Pants (Forum Buzz)

Miranda Kerr in floral pants

Miranda Kerr apparently loves floral pants so much that she’s making a habit out of wearing them. When you see how good she looks in them, it’s easy to see why (but let’s get real, she looks awesome in everything). The Australian model has been spotted strolling around New York City in the last few days sporting two different pairs of floral print pants (along with a covetable burgundy Louis Vuitton bag slung on her arm). She consistently does a great job of offsetting the print of the pants with a complementary top and neutral heels.

ALAUU posted, “My feeling with Miranda's style is that even if I don't like the pieces separately the way she styles them is always spot-on. So even if those floral pants aren't my taste, I love how she styled the whole outfit.”

“I couldn’t even dream about wearing floral pants, but she almost makes me want a pair,” TommyGirl posted. “Only a slight voice of reason tells me not to,” she laughed. “The girl can sell clothes, on and off duty.”

A model is always a model, so the clothes themselves are always going to look good. The appeal is really in the styling. Miranda’s picking up on a great summer trend, and if you want to do it too, this is the way to style your floral pants without looking like a fashion victim.

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