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Does This Live Up to ‘Freedom’? Kate Moss Stars in George Michael’s New Video [VIDEO] (Forum Buzz)

George Michael and Kate MossI’m just going to come right out and say it. Too much George Michael, not enough Kate Moss. The supermodel is featured in the pop star’s (do we still call him that?) music video for his new single "White Light." The artist’s (is that better?) supermodel-laden video for "Freedom" has become iconic, but sadly, I don’t think this song and video will share the same fate.

However, Kate’s fans in the forums are a bit more optimistic than I am. Shuffle posted, “LOVE her in the video!! It's all about KATE!” I don’t think we were watching the same video.

Label Basher wrote, “She looks fantastic. Love that coat she wears. The song isn't bad either.”

Yesitsdagny loved what she saw, but she’s admittedly biased. “Being a huge fan of both George Michael and Kate, this collaboration is like a dream come true,” she shared. “I expected it to be amazing but it's even better than I ever dreamt! This video is a masterpiece. And Kate looks so pretty in it and I love what she wore and I can only say good things about this vid. Oh, it's just fantastic.”

Without further ado, here’s the video. Thoughts?