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Lady Gaga Goes Nude for Her New Fragrance Campaign, We Are Not Amused (Forum Buzz)

We’ve all been hearing the gory details about Lady Gaga’s fragrance Fame for what seems like forever, and now we have a visual. Steven Klein photographed the Mama Monster nude and strategically covered in crawling Lilliputian men. The campaign image has not sold forum members on the virtues of this new scent.

Lady Gaga Fame ad by Steven Klein

“This is incredibly disturbing,” ParisFashionMuse posted. “I don’t want any piece of her fame even if it comes in a tacky bottle. I would rather buy Britney Spears’ perfume,” she admitted.

Chanelcouture09 commented, “Oh Jesus. I'm bored of seeing her trying to be controversial, shocking or scandalous; she's just irritating. She's like a mosquito when you're on holiday; you're constantly trying to get away from it and/or trying to squash it. I'm failing to come to terms with the fact Steven Klein shot this; his work is usually gorgeous and dark. This is just tacky. It looks just like Small Soldiers in the 90s, or the little army guys in Toy Story.” So, Lady Gaga has taken something with positive associations from childhood and made it perverted. What else is new?

Spike413 for one, came to Gaga’s defense. “I have to wonder if everyone in here would have the same reaction to this very same image if it wasn't Gaga in it,” he mused. “Honestly, her gimmicks may be tired at times, but so is the constant stream of hating. It's so utterly predictable.”

The hate is predictable, but so is Lady Gaga. This scent is going to be a runaway hit with all of her Little Monsters. They’re kind of predictable too, aren’t they?

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