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The Verdict Is In On the New ‘Saint Laurent Paris’ Logo (Forum Buzz)

Saint Laurent Paris logo

Yves Saint Laurent (is that right? I don’t even know what I’m supposed to call it anymore) released the new logo for Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent Paris branding, and of course Fashion Spot forum members had to weigh in on the new look. They weren’t happy when the news broke last month that YSL would be dropping the Y, so their lack of enthusiasm for the new logo was not unexpected.

“Is the logo Helvetica?” CrisGalaxy asked. “I read an interview where they asked [Slimane] what typeface represented him or something like that, and he said Helvetica… which he’s been known to use, especially in all caps.” It definitely looks like Helvetica, just open up a Word document, select Helvetica and activate your caps lock if you don’t believe us.

“I'm not liking this new logo,” TianSoFine commented. “I hope his clothing designs don't go by the same aesthetic as the logo.”

“Well he's always used Helvetica in all of his stuff,” mistress_f pointed out. “So I'm pretty sure that there's as much Hedi in this logo (that I don't like, btw) as there will be in the clothes.”

IsabelMarantBoy was the logo’s sole proponent. “I think that new logo looks really cool,” he admitted. “I want [Slimane] to bring a sense of cool luxury to the label.”

The bottom line is, we’re still not sold on the Saint Laurent Paris branding. But, we’ll go along with it because we really have no say in the matter.

Image courtesy of YSL.