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Vogue Turkey Shows Miranda Kerr From Another Angle (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Turkey August 2012 - Miranda Kerr

For the cover of Vogue Turkey’s August issue, photographers Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongielo literally showed model Miranda Kerr from a new and somewhat unusual angle. Though Vogue Turkey is well-loved by Fashion Spot forum members, this cover didn’t sit right with many of them.

“The colors are nice but I don't like the pose or her face here, the shadowing on the pants is also weird,” Psylocke commented. “But I do like how you can only see the background location at the bottom of the picture, it's the only interesting or slightly quirky element here. Miranda herself looks rather depressing.”

“The posing is all kinds of wrong,” Kpriss agreed. “From the shadows on her pants, her feet cut off to her bent head and the strange facial expression, it looks like someone was trying to fit her to the cover space, not the other way around. Maybe the inside pictorial will make up for this uninspired crop,” she hoped.

Mchunu simply wrote, “Had all the makings for a great cover, but it falls flat.”

MulletProof went against the grain and expressed her enthusiasm for the cover shot. “Ahh I love this, this is the Vogue Turkey I love; played out elements revamped and made fresh again by approaching them from different angles… literally… when people use Miranda they go for close-ups, highlighting her baby-faced features. I love that they went for a shot that is unusual and she's still 100% recognizable and looking amazing.”

Miranda might still be recognizable, but I don’t think this is her best look. The cover is just “off” for me, and cropping her legs in those flared green pants is too reminiscent of Gumby for comfort.

Image courtesy of Vogue Turkey.