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The Color Pink (and Katy Perry) Cover Elle’s September Issue (Forum Buzz)

Elle September Issue - Katy Perry

On the cover of Elle’s September issue, Katy Perry is quoted saying, “I can’t be the candy queen forever,” but from the looks of things she hasn’t given up that title quite yet. Between the pink Bottega Veneta dress, pink background, and purple hair, this cover is so overpoweringly bubblegum sweet that it does nothing to help her shed her saccharine image.

Melancholybaby called it “tacky as hell, but I'm sure this is going to stand out a mile from the newsstand,” he added.

MON posted, “This is by far, their best cover this year! Amazing! Katy is just gorgeous! Amazing! The tacky pink even works! OMG! AMAZING!” I guess he thinks it’s amazing.

Others found it to be less amazing and more over the top. “I guess this is the one time you wish Elle US had a white background on the cover,” Psylocke commented. “Everything about this is too much. The hair and makeup would have looked nice with a minimalistic dress, no tacky nail art and a more subtle background color. I do think she looks very pretty here but the styling and the layout is a massive fail.”

MulletProof notes that Katy “looks like a stripper in ‘important meeting’ attire. Everything about it is bad and vulgar.”

Most of us have had enough of the over-the-top candy queen girl child thing, so maybe it’s time Katy Perry officially relinquishes her crown and moves on.