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Miley Cyrus Makes Marie Claire’s September Cover (Forum Buzz)

Marie Claire Sept 2012 - Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus would not have been my first choice for a September issue, but her Marie Claire cover is actually a pleasant surprise. The pose works, the styling (for the most part) works, and best of all Miley doesn’t look annoying. She's not trying too hard to be cool, sexy, or above it all. She's working the look for all it's worth.

“It actually looks really nice!” Psylocke posted. “I usually don't find Marie Claire covers memorable at all but this would definitely catch my attention at the newsstand. Miley looks great, especially her hair. I like that nothing here is too overdone nor is it too boring or simple, it's really well done.”

MON commented, “What a beautiful cover! I love the subtle vibe, the colors and the hair! Miley look pretty! I love this! One of their best to date.”

For honeycombchild (and for me) there was one detail that was a bit of a sticking point. “Personally I could have done without the earring,” he wrote, “but that's a small niggle on an otherwise pretty good Marie Claire cover.

A different earring would have definitely made this cover a lot better, but overall well played Marie Claire.

Image via USWeekly’s iPad app.