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Here it is: Lady Gaga on Vogue’s September Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Sept 2012 - Lady Gaga by Mert & Marcus

Styled by the inimitable Grace Coddington and photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, Lady Gaga graces the cover of Vogue’s September issue (complete with special anniversary red banner) in a fuchsia Marc Jacobs gown. I don’t know what I was expecting when I heard Lady Gaga would be fronting Vogue’s all-important September issue (I’m sure I rolled my eyes), but it wasn’t this, and I have to say I’m kind of pleasantly surprised. Gaga looks like some sort of statuette and the cover overall is really bold and different. It’s a departure from what Vogue has been doing and I think it’s kind of exciting, but forum member opinions were all over the map.

Hector voiced what many others were surely thinking: “So over her but it is an interesting cover.”

Spike413 appreciated the way Lady Gaga was represented, but like many others, took issue with the red banner. He wrote, “I love the shape of Gaga, the length, the curve of the dress, that halo of hair. Someone said it looks like a drawing, and it does, which could be why I like it so much. It really does evoke a fashion illustration—the exaggeration of the human form and the garment itself, and that hurried quality of getting all of the detail down.I hate the red banner, but I love the rest of it quite a bit. It's also amazing how doing something as simple as shooting a full body photo instead of a portrait can make all the difference.”

Others called the cover “tragic,” “awful,” and “horrifying” among other things, but it’s in Gaga’s nature to be polarizing, right? I myself, (and many others I’m sure) have a love-hate relationship with her. It just so happens that when I look at this cover I feel the love. That being said, I have no real interest in reading the article that is sure to accompany her editorial in the magazine. Like I said, love-hate.

Image courtesy of Vogue.