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Elle Germany Recycles an Old Tiffany & Co Ad for their September Issue Cover (Forum Buzz)

Elle Germany Sept 2012 - Sasha PivovarovaCreating covers using reprints from editorials in other magazines is certainly common and definitely not unheard of, but for its September issue, Elle Germany did something that strikes us as a bit odd. Not only did they use an old image, the old image they used is part of a Tiffany & Company ad campaign for Fall 2008(!) photographed by Michael Thompson and featuring Sasha Pivavorova.

Though the image is cropped well and makes for a pretty enough cover, the choice to use an ad from four years ago on the cover of a September issue just feels weird. Is this issue sponsored by Tiffany & Co or something? 

“Magazines can use ad campaigns for covers?!” asked an incredulous Gabriel29.

Bertrando3 posted, “Such a shame! A 2008 ad for a 2012 cover = I know the world is in a big economic crisis but come on!”

Elsaskywalker noted that German Elle made “nice use of the original picture,” and while that’s true, there’s just something that doesn’t feel right about this. It's one thing for a magazine to feature certain brands and items in the styling on their covers and it's another thing for them to carry over a complete ad campaign image. Did they think no one would notice? 

Tiffany Fall 2008 ad - Sasha Pivovarova

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