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Robert Pattinson Proves Looking Good is the Best Revenge (Forum Buzz)

Robert Pattinson at Cosmopolis premiere in Gucci - NYCRobert Pattinson at Cosmopolis premiere in Gucci - NYC

Robert Pattinson has been (understandably) flying under the radar since his world exploded when Kristen Stewart cheated on him with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman, but now Cosmopolis is coming out and it’s time for him to crawl out of his shell and back into the spotlight. Taking a page from the “looking good is the best revenge” chapter of the breakup handbook, R-Patz showed up to the movie’s premiere in New York City suited up in Gucci and making hearts across the globe skip a beat.

Robert Pattinson at NYSE“Wowza, he looks fantastic! Thatta boy,” verstand posted.

“I've never really gotten his appeal,” ALAUU admitted, “but he looks AMAZING at the Cosmopolis premiere. His hair looks good. The suit looks good. Good for him.”

Wolkfolk gave credit where credit is due. “Looking good Rob!! Ryan Hastings [who also styles Rooney Mara] is such a good stylist, look at how perfectly this suit fits Robert,” he wrote. “Also the different shades of blue of the shirt and the suit work so well together and with the black tie/shoes. Besides I always have a soft spot for those wool ties,” he added.

R-Patz kept the handsome going strong when he rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange this morning with director David Cronenberg. “I like this suit better than last night's. He looks really good,” Alvedansen commented.

#umero went as far as to say: “Wow, single really really suits him,” and I can’t help but agree.

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