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Four is Better Than One for Vs. Magazine’s September Issue Covers (Forum Buzz)

For their September issue, Vs. decided that four would be better than one, so they got four different “photographers” to capture four different cover girls for four different covers. Ellen von Unwerth photographed Coco Rocha, Guy Aroch captured Amanda Seyfried, Helena Christensen snapped Liv Tyler, and Drew Barrymore (Who knew Drew was into photography? Is she looking to expand her résumé!?) shot Rachel McAdams

Vs. Sept 2012 - Coco Rocha by Ellen von UnwerthVs. September 2012 - Amanda Seyfried by Guy ArochVs. September 2012 - Liv Tyler by Helena ChristensenVs. September 2012 - Rachel McAdams by Drew Barrymore

Coco’s cover, which was the first to be revealed, received lots of praise from forum members. “Wow. Amazing!” Congacon exclaimed. “She is one of the best models out there.”

Heelscatchfire posted: “Love the cover, Coco is really striking and iconic in that shot.”

When the rest of the covers were revealed jmrmartinho wrote: “What a great set of covers. I don’t have a least favorite. Coco has by far the most striking one, but Liv looks absolutely stunning.”

One gripe for Vs. is that all of their covers seemingly look more or less the same. “Their cover style is so redundant,” saann pointed out. “I get that they're creating an identity but you can only have so many black and white photos mixed with whatever color of the month you choose before you start repeating yourself.” To illustrate her point she provided a screen capture of a google image search for Vs. covers:

Vs. google image search screen capture

Kind of tough to argue with after seeing that, but still, this is a pretty good set of September covers.

Images via and google image search screen capture.