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Pop Magazine Thinks Limbs are Overrated (Forum Buzz)

Pop Fall/Winter 2012-2013 - Sui He photographed by VIviane Sassen

Pop is one of those magazines that marches to the beat of its own drum, and that’s the way we like it. For its Fall/Winter 2012-2013 issue, the publication chose an image shot by Viviane Sassen and styled by Vanessa Reid, of model Sui He (sans arms) in Balenciaga. Sui He’s lower half also seems to be missing. Perhaps this has something to do with the issue’s “Warrior Woman” theme? Even without limbs, she looks like a badass.

“Whoa, creepy!” Psylocke commented. “Definitely not what I expected when I read that Sui He's on the cover. I feel like the print on that Balenciaga top is the main cover subject here; it's certainly interesting and very creative. Sui He of course looks gorgeous. I like this!”

Jmrmartinho wrote, “Finally Pop! This is quite unexpected. When I opened the thread it looked normal but then I scrolled down and she has no body. It’s unexpected but the cover would look better with her body on. Sui looks gorgeous and so does the styling and the landscape, the logo (as ever) looks striking. Good job!”

MulletProof was also a fan. “I love it,” she posted. “It's got that dose of creepy, kitschy, pretty that distinguishes Pop from the rest… come to think of it I think this is what's particularly 'Pop' to me, that they honor the name of the magazine and their productions tend to be heavily influenced by the art world and pop culture. There's a bit of irony that feels natural to the magazine, and consistency. I buy Pop once a year (always miss an issue) and it's always a treat. In a way I feel like the fact that people have forgotten it and it's not over-hyped has given them enough liberty to do as they please.”

Pop is fantastically weird, and it works. The issue hits newsstands on August 22.

Photo courtesy of Pop Magazine via