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Jamie Bochert Also Gets Pop’s Disappearing Limb Treatment (Forum Buzz)

Pop Fall 2012 - Jamie Bochert photographed by Viviane Sassen

Sui He wasn’t the only one who received Pop’s disappearing limb treatment for its Fall 2012 issue; Jamie Bochert also lost her arms (and the majority of her torso), and it turns out that the lack of limbs thing kind of suits her. Where Sui He’s cover is soft and floaty with clouds and silky fabric, Jamie’s cover (also photographed by Viviane Sassen) is full of straight lines and hard angles.

“I don't particularly like Jamie, but her cover is amazing,” Greenway commented. “The body doesn’t seem to look as awkward without arms as Sui's does.”

“Jamie's cover is fantastic,” mackos agreed. “Even better than the first one indeed.”

Seeing Jamie’s cover changed blueorchid’s mind about the issue and the cover concept itself. “It's weird, when I saw the cover when it was posted a few days ago I really was not impressed, but now a few days later and after seeing them both… I actually really love the concept,” she admitted. “I skipped the last issue of Pop, so I think I might pick this one up,” she added.

Maybe limbs are overrated after all. Pop, in their fantastically weird way, certainly seems to think so and they’ve done their best to prove it with the covers of their Fall 2012 issue.