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We’re Having a Grimes Moment [VIDEO] (Forum Buzz)

Grimes is a bit of an oddball, but there’s something engaging and entrancing about her music and her constantly evolving look that reels you in. She's had fans in the Fashion Spot forums long before her noteworthy appearance on the April 2012 issue of Dazed & Confused, and their devotion is still going strong. The recent release of her video for “Genesis” off of her album, Visions, has stirred up some new chatter.

“I'm now craving blond extensions,” MulletProof confessed after watching the video. “The Grimes complex is getting to me too,” she laughed.

Scott posted, “Is it me or does it seem like she's making some kind of ironic gesture at pop culture with that video? The Courtney Love look-alike… that Gaga thing… Britney…”

When you watch the video below, you’ll see that it’s not just Scott. Grimes is definitely conveying a message in this video. She’s too smart for the imagery she uses to be purely random and weird for weirdness’ sake.

Admittedly, not everyone “gets” what Grimes is putting out there. “That’s the most f**ked up video I’ve ever seen,” jmrmartinho wrote. “Great photography through.”

Judge for yourself below, and if you don’t already know Grimes, here’s your quirky introduction.