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Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book Cover Previews (Forum Buzz)

Carine Roitfeld has been teasing us with gifs and video trailers for her CR Fashion Book, and now we finally get to see the covers of her first issue. Both covers were shot by Bruce Weber and have a maternal theme, with Kate Upton featured on one of them as expected, and the young Audrey Harrelson on the other. Carine can be much loved but a bit polarizing, and that was the case when it came to assessing the cover images. Expectations were understandably high, and some people felt let down.

CR Fashion covers

“So you tease me with a shocking, chilling image of a naked woman walking about in a cemetery draped in lavender sheer fabric… which to me was powerful, hauntingly inspiring, yet provoking then you deliver a cover that looks like Kate Upton's old Fashion Week Showcard…WTF!” posted an exasperated Junee.

“Are they trying to make Upton the next Claudia Schiffer?” HeatherAnne asked. “Ain't working. This whole magazine is so gimmicky and pretentious – though I love her, I would expect nothing less from Rotifeld.”

Rockangel thought the images were “nothing extraordinary for all the hype… forgettable.”

Not everyone was disappointed though. Rigida wrote, “I love both covers! Kate’s cover is beautiful, the other one if funny and cute!”

“I want to see it in person and feel it in my hands before I make any judgments,” Luxx commented. “It is called a fashion book and I want to treat it as such, experience it as such. The covers are fresh and unexpected, I appreciate that. The best and most striking thing for me is that this doesn't look like an old Vogue Paris. I would be disappointed if it did.”

Luxx makes an interesting point. If Carine’s CR Fashion Book turned out to be Vogue Paris under Carine Roitfeld 2.0 then what would be the point? Roitfeld is using this publication and this issue in particular to represent a rebirth for her in the magazine industry. Though the covers are unexpected and maybe even underwhelming, the content within the 340 pages (which feature Stephanie Seymour, Linda Evangelista, and Carolyn Murphy among others) is sure to be striking.