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Marion Cotillard Covers Dior Magazine’s Debut Issue (Forum Buzz)

Dior Magazine Fall 2012 - Marion Cotillard photographed by Jean-Baptiste Modino

Though Christian Dior CEO Sidney Toledano stresses that Dior Magazine is “another way to communicate luxury” and “is not a catalogue,” it’s surely more catalogue than traditional magazine. As Melancholybaby wrote, “Contrary to Toldeno’s statement, it looks like this is just going to be a fancy catalogue available in [Dior] boutiques.”

However you want to categorize it, the first issue, fronted by Marion Cotillard, the face of Lady Dior, looks awesome. “I really like the styling, her pose, and most of all her expression,” pixiedust1603 commented. “Her expression adds so much I think.”

Forum members Chanelcouture09 and Thefrenchy guessed that this would be Dior’s version of publications like Chanel’s 31 Rue Cambon, Ralph Lauren Magazine, and Le Monde d’Hermès.

“I hope it is along the lines of Le Monde d'Hermès,” MulletProof shared. “The little I've seen from it, it's quite inspirational, definitely makes you value more the entire work, aesthetic and legacy of a house, and what these houses mean in the first place… which isn't just promoting crazy consumerism but encouraging creativity, appreciation, developing an 'eye' for design, etc. The cover is gorgeous. I would normally not be interested in Dior, I wasn't really into the grandiosity of John Galliano's designs, so I have to keep repeating to myself that this is the Raf Simons era (still hard to believe Raf is really behind Dior – never in a million years would I have guessed this 6 years ago). I hope it covers a good part of his conception of Dior, too.”

In terms of reminding us all what the house of Dior is really all about, especially now that Raf Simons has taken the post-Galliano reigns of the brand, the timing couldn’t be better for just such a publication. It feels like Dior is going through a rebirth of its own at the moment, and the road ahead is full of promise.