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W Misses the Mark With Jennifer Lawrence on Its October Issue (Forum Buzz)

W is typically one of those magazines that puts out stellar covers, but for October they completely missed the mark with Jennifer Lawrence. The actress herself wasn’t a bad cover choice, but there’s a weird, overwhelming Black-Swan-meets-Rooney-Mara styling element that definitely isn’t working.

“I don't even know what they were trying to achieve with this, it's neither eye-catching nor pretty nor interesting,” Psylocke posted.

YoninahAliza wrote, “I really want to like this because I'm a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence but I don't know if I can. I wouldn't mind the cover so much if she didn't have feathers in her hair because then it would be an overall better image. Although I appreciate W's attempt at presenting Jennifer in a more high fashion way, usually for magazine covers she's just made up to look like the ‘girl next door.’”

Miss Dalloway also seemed to think that Jennifer would be more suited to styling in the “girl next door” vein. “This is awful,” she commented. “She does not pull off that styling, I never consider her as someone who can do High Fashion, but she can certainly photograph in a beautiful way, so there is room to do something nice with her, not to push her to do edgy!”

Keep your fingers crossed that the editorial images that are sure to accompany the cover shot will be far less awkward.