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COS Creator Rebekka Bay is About to Mind the Gap (Forum Buzz)

GAP logoFor anyone familiar with the H&M-owned brand COS, the news that its creator, Rebekka Bay, has been brought on as the new Creative Director for the Gap, is very exciting. Members of the Fashion Spot forums have long gazed upon our European counterparts’ COS acquisitions with envy as they showed them off in the Secret Shopaholics thread, and now there’s some hope that that COS aesthetic will finally be accessible to us too. Not to mention that the Gap could seriously use Bay’s direction; the Creative Director role has been vacant since Patrick Robinson was fired from the position over a year ago.

Forum members are excited about what Bay may have in store. “I'm really excited about this news,” HeatherAnne posted. “Take Gap back to the well-made basics, much like COS is synonymous with and Gap used to be, ditch the cheesy graphic tees currently occupying half the Women's site and all the flimsy made pieces. Onward, let's go Bay!”

“This is great news! I love everything COS does,” VogueDisciple93 posted. “Well I love looking at it online since we can't shop it here in the US, yet,” he qualified. “Gap surely needs this.”

Bay will be responsible for the Gap’s Women’s, Men’s, 1969, Accessories, and Body lines, and since she’s familiar with producing stylish clothes for a mass-produced international brand, she should be a great fit for the Gap. But, we can’t forget that the Gap’s other attempts to shake things up and increase sales (which included bringing Robinson on board way back when) have for the most part been a failure. Qualified as she is, Bay has her work cut out for her.