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Karmen Pedaru Steals the Limelight in Gucci’s Resort 2013 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

From what we can see of Gucci’s Resort 2013 ad campaign thus far, unless you’re Karmen Pedaru, you may as well have not bothered to show up for the photo shoot because the Gucci team was going to blur you out anyway. While the effect is actually pretty cool and draws your eyes directly to Karmen (which I’m sure was the intention), who looks beachy and beautiful, you can’t help feeling bad for Baptiste Radufe and Joan Smalls whose faces are so hazy that they are virtually unrecognizable in the ads. I’m sure they still got paid a hefty wage though, so I don’t feel too bad for them.

Gucci Resort 2013

Melancholybaby called the ads “refreshing and appropriate for the Cruise season. Can't wait to see more (preferably with Joan visible),” he added.

Chanelcouture09 doesn’t really care to continue seeing Karmen in Gucci campaigns, but he did admit, “I think this is rather gorgeous and unlike the usual work of Mert & Marcus which is a welcomed surprise; I'm curious what the rest will look like.”

Gucci Resort 2013

We’ve got to see Joan’s unblurry face at some point, right? I have to believe that even if you’re Gucci, you don’t hire’s #1 ranked model just to obliterate her features in every image.

Images via the Fashion Spot forums.