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The MTA Debuts The First Fully Sponsored Metrocard Ever With a 20% Discount to The Gap

New Metrocard

Image via MTA

It's a brand new day and a brand new week and also a brand new astrological starscape: over the weekend, Saturn took its leave of Libra and moved into Scorpio, where it'll reside for the next three years. This is a moment of renewal, magic, wonder, progress, leaf-turning, changes, moon, werewolf, cycle, delta. If you're in doubt, there's some proof in your pocket. Today, the Metropolitan Transit Authority released a new Metrocard, replacing the card's iconic yellowy-gold face with an ad for The Gap.

Even though the MTA has long sold ad space on the back of transit cards, the fully sponsored card was seen by some as a sign of a new and grim world order — as proof that the city, having been bought out by corporations, no longer belongs to its people. And that's probably true and New York City is for sure on its way to being one big boring Barbie Dream House, but this Metrocard deal is not a bad one.

Fare hikes have been hiking up and up and up like a really determined hiker for the past few years, and the ad money will hopefully stall further progress. I'd normally say that a little extra cash in your wallet isn't worth a piece of your wild city soul, but the subway is already wallpapered with ads and also your soul probably doesn't give a shit because in exchange for carrying around a Gap-branded Metrocard, you get TWENTY PERCENT off at New York City stores. That's a steep discount, and my dresser drawers are in desperate need of a white tank top and some super-cozy wintry socks.

And apparently I'm not the only person with some holes in her wardrobe: after launching this morning at only ten locations (in stupid Manhattan, naturally), the new Metrocard is selling out. Ya, I will just say that as long as the MTA continues to deliver shopping deals, I will…oh, I probably won't do anything. But I will be happier about living here.

[via FashionETC]