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Brad Pitt’s Voice May Lull You Into Purchasing Chanel No. 5 (Forum Buzz)

Brad PittIt’s no secret that Brad Pitt is being paid A LOT to lend himself to Chanel as the latest face of its iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume. It seems so unorthodox to employ a man to represent a women’s perfume, but maybe it’s not so crazy… if you’ve got a handsome man telling you he loves the way this perfume smells, wouldn’t you potentially be more inclined to buy it? If anyone can do this, it’s Brad Pitt.

Since Chanel likes to tease, they’ve released three short clips on its YouTube page in which the actor asks rhetorical questions. Fragrance ads tend to be oblique, so the questions don't come as much of a surprise. The clips are not much to go on, but they will have to hold us over until October 15 when the first commercial with Pitt will air.

Saan found them amusing: “What is up with those questions? It's making me question my life and get depressed as hell,” she wrote initially. “The [offical commercial] better be accompanied by some eye sexing the camera.”

She later added: “Ok, after a few more listens this is starting get hilarious. I hope they're aiming for a Siri-like app with those voice recordings where you get a chance to know what it's like to have a conversation with Brad Pitt,” she joked.

How awesome would that be?


Videos via Chanel’s YouTube