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Mila Kunis is Out and Jennifer Lawrence is In for Miss Dior (Forum Buzz)

Jennifer LawrenceForum members were never entirely sure that Mila Kunis fit the image of Christian Dior and its Miss Dior collection, and it seems that Dior wasn’t so sure either. Starting with the Spring 2013 Miss Dior handbags advertising campaign, Jennifer Lawrence will be taking over as the new face of the brand. Like it was for Mila, this new gig marks Jennifer’s first collaboration with a luxury fashion brand. Lawrence (supposedly) said:

“It’s such a dream to represent an iconic brand that is synonymous with high fashion. I’m so excited to be working with the fashion house and wear the new creations by Raf Simons. His most recent Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear collections glamorously capture the modern era at Dior.”

If ever a statement was written by a PR team and credited to an actress, it’s that one. “The statement sounds too polished, I'm not sure she (or really, anyone) would phrase it like that, definitely written by PR people,” YoninahAliza commented. “That said, this is really great news, and I'm interested in seeing what the campaign ends up looking like.”

“She's an icon in the making who is universally adored by her peers and industry superiors so who can blame Dior for snapping her up?” glitterpeacock posted. “She's not mega-glam and polished all the time but that kind of works with the idea of Raf's new Dior woman. I'm excited to see what they come up with.”

What the campaign images will look like is anyone’s guess, but we can be sure that Jennifer will be wearing a lot more Dior while Mila will probably start mixing it up on the red carpet again.

Image: Dominic Chan/