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Vogue Paris Celebrates Beauty at Every Age With a Supermodel Trio (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Paris November 2012 - Daria Werbowy, Stephanie Seymour, Lauren Hutton - photographed by Inez & Vinoodh

From the crisp white shirts and faded denim to the use of a trio of supermodels – Daria Werbowy, Stephanie Seymour, Lauren Hutton ­– Vogue Paris’ November issue’s cover photographed by Inez & Vinoodh feels very much like an ode to the supermodel but, in fact it’s a bit more than that. It’s an ode to beauty at every age, and thankfully there’s no 40-something uber-toned and botoxed actress in sight. Not only do we get three different generations of supermodel on the cover, but Vogue Paris also gives us more examples of timeless elegance and beauty within its pages, showing veteran models Tatjana Patitz, Penelope Tree, and Yasmin Le Bon alongside relative newcomers Kati Nescher, Nadja Bender, and Cora Emmanuel.

“Ooooh I love me a supermodel trio!!” valliaddict exclaimed. Who doesn’t?

“This one is amazing!” yesitsdagny posted. “Daria and Steph look stellar and it's nice to see Lauren on the cover as well. You can keep it simple with such a fantastic cast and still deliver a superb cover. I'm so very pleased by what I see and it's a true must have issue.”

Though we’ve seen all these women before, the image is in no way stale. “I love how fresh this cover feels… all three women look so relaxed and cool. Sometimes simple styling is the best result because it lets the model's personality shine through. Plus, who doesn't want to age gracefully like Lauren Hutton???” YoninahAliza asked.

HeatherAnne found no fault in the cover girls, but she couldn’t get behind the styling. “All three ladies together make for a great cover, and they all look stunning. However, the white collared shirt and jeans remind me of those awful family beach photos where everyone dresses in matching clothing. Yes, I get that the two articles of clothing are a ‘timeless’ pairing, but also a terribly over-abused walking cliché at this point. Coordinated outfits would have been a better choice. Overall though, I do love this, and can look past the styling (or lack thereof),” she admitted.

Here’s hoping that a bit more creative effort has been put into the editorial styling within this issue. “Timeless” as the cover look may be, it still ends up feeling a bit 90s, which kind of interferes with that whole “timeless” moniker in the end.

Image: Vogue Paris