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Vogue Portugal Steps It Up for Their Tenth Anniversary Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Portugal 10th Anniversary - Sara Sampaio

Vogue Portugal tends to get the short end of the stick, with lots of (often unfortunate) reprints from other editions and a lack of distinct identity. But, for its tenth anniversary issue, forum members are pleased to see that they’ve stepped it up. A red-clad Sara Sampaio poses prettily for the camera in a studio shot flanked by handwritten signatures rather than typeset captions.

“WOW this is my favorite Vogue Portugal ever!” exclaimed jmrmartinho, who hails from Portugal. “I wasn’t expecting much for the 10th anniversary issue because when they celebrated the 100th edition it was a flop, but this is amazing. I mean, Sara looks amazing, this is her third Vogue Portugal cover, but since she’s the most relevant Portuguese model it makes a lot of sense to have her on the 10th anniversary cover. I’m not the biggest fan of the signatures,” he admitted, “but it’s [Portugese] models, designers, artists, actors, and singers.”

“This image works perfectly with the signatures, and other text layout, and she looks beautiful, the styling is catching, it’s a nice cover,” Miss Dalloway commented.

“Oh, I adore this. The all red styling instantly captures your attention,” LagerfeldBoy admired. “I think the signatures add a little charming touch to this.”

After running out to purchase the issue, jmrmartinho wrote, “I have to say that this is their best issue ever… They changed the whole design of the magazine (looks a lot like Vogue Australia) and they have tons of invited editors and great original articles. All the editorials are original and there are quite a few, and all of them are great.”

You can’t ask for anything more from Vogue Portugal. Fingers crossed that this doesn't only happen once every ten years. 

Image: Vogue Portugal