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Lana Del Rey Made Another Epic Music Video (Forum Buzz)

Lana Del Rey

Can we even call Lana Del Rey’s music videos “music videos” anymore? Something about it just doesn't feel right. These videos tend to be so highly produced and epically long that “music video” feels diminutive. Lana Del Rey is making music mini-films. Her latest is for a song called “Ride” and the actual song is bookended by dramatic and poetic monologues. Whether you love her or hate her, Lana’s video will make you feel something.

“Good lord, just when I thought she had reached a peak with 'National Anthem'… 'Ride' is seriously mesmerizing, stunning footage and photography, beautifully written and produced, just one hell of a video,” Marc10 commented.

“Wow great video! She went beyond my expectations once again,” *ana* posted. “I think everything was very well done. She looks amazing, the styling fits her perfectly, the casting is great, and it has drama, humor, and rhythm. My special props to the director and director of photography.”

While some people complained that the intro and conclusion were unnecessary and that the song could have stood on its own, others argued that they enhanced the song’s message. “Read some complaints about the monologue of the video… I think it's beautiful, the storyline would have zero impact without it,” MulletProof argued. “I wonder if she's purposely (at least to me) hinting at Paris, Texas. Cause that's what sold me right away, that faded American ideal, which she masters there.”

Without the intro and conclusion, this would just be a music video. With them, it’s a mini-film that’s beautifully sad and vulnerable, and simultaneously triumphant. I become more convinced of the monologues' value each time I replay this little movie.

Watch it here to decide for yourself.


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