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Sasha Pivovarova and Prada Reunited for Resort 2013! (Forum Buzz)

Sasha Pivovarova’s career began on the Prada runway, and she was subsequently signed to an exclusive three-year advertising contract with the brand, so it seems fitting that Sasha and Prada would reunite for the model’s post-pregnancy comeback. Though she only gave birth this past May, Sasha looks more than ready for her close-up in Prada’s Resort 2013 ad campaign (photographed by Steven Meisel), and forum members couldn’t be more excited.

Prada Resort 2013 - Sasha Pivovarova photographed by Steven Meisel

“This is the comeback! Sasha is so right for Prada, not classically beautiful and quirky. Can't wait to see more.” Melancholybaby posted.

“This is the best comeback ever. Always love Sasha for Prada!” Lifeispeachy commented.

Prada Resort 2013 - Sasha Pivovarova photographed by Steven Meisel

“Jesus Christ, I almost fell off my chair. The ultimate Prada girl is BAAAACK!” Marc10 exclaimed. “Amazing! Sasha look stunning, maternity really gave an extra glow. The styling and setting is impeccable too. Damn, Miuccia is not playing with these campaigns.”

There are already five pages in the forums of adoring posts like those quoted above, and we haven’t even seen really quality scans or digital versions of the campaign yet. That’s just the power of the Sasha-Prada combo I guess.

Images scanned by tFS forum member ChronicKnowledge