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Vogue Turkey Dares to Be Different for Its November Art Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Turkey November 2012 - Art Issue image by Taner Ceylan

Art, especially contemporary art, is often meant to provoke and confuse, and Vogue Turkey did just that with the cover image they commissioned from Turkish artist Taner Ceylan for its November Art Issue. Ceylan previously suffered a cultural backlash for being one of the first Turkish artists to incorporate homoerotic imagery in his work, but his creations are held in high regard despite the controversy. Vogue Turkey collaborated with the artist to convey how surrealism continues to be a predominant theme in fashion.

Many forum members applauded Vogue Turkey for doing something so different with its art issue. “It doesn't look like Vogue, more like Numéro mixed with Dazed & Confused, but somehow I find the image really powerful and so creative,” Bertrando3 analyzed. “It's very weird and a lot for Vogue, but I don't know, I don't hate it.”

Chanelcouture09 commented, “A very daring cover to put out there, but there is something quite beautiful about the cover. I admire them more than anything for publishing this.”

Penny609 applauded Vogue Turkey from resisting the easy route of a tried and true prescribed formula. “I do actually like this cover very much. Besides (or beyond) the fact I quite like the visual, I like the choice,” he wrote. “How many so-called ‘art issues’ are released every year and are just a regular cover with what the editor thinks people will consider as ‘slightly artier’ than what's been done on their other covers? And how can you complain about something that actually looks different when most of the editions of Vogue have nothing else to propose than the same old soup, over and over again… I can agree that some might not like the visual as a matter of taste, I still can agree one can think it's too literal for an art issue, but, I can't get how someone can throw stones at Vogue Turkey for trying when so many magazines have just given up trying anything at all and hold on to old, worn out formulas that are totally unable to provoke any aesthetic excitement.”

Whether you love it or hate it, one thing’s for sure. You won’t be seeing any other Vogue covers quite like this one.

Image: Vogue Turkey