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Interview Really Likes Halle Berry Right Now (Forum Buzz)

Halle Berry - Interview Russia - November 2012

Halle Berry is the cover model for not one, but two Interview magazine covers this November. Interview Russia went the uber-glam route with a black and white shot and glitzy gold metallic masthead, while Interview Germany went for a softer 70s glam look with Halle’s face more obviously haloed in an afro as she looks coyly over her shoulder into Sean and Seng’s camera. Both covers passed muster in the Fashion Spot forums, though an unexpected co-star (if we can call him that) on Interview Germany proved to be a strange distraction.

Of Halle’s fierce black and white shot, Urban Stylin wrote, “So stunning! Who would have guessed that a Russian magazine would have shot a black woman with a fro for a cover! I get a 70s vibe off it.”

Honeyisle posted, “Love it. Her face is legendary.”

Halle Berry - Interview Germany - November 2012

“She looks stunning!” mikel exclaimed about the Interview Germany cover shot. “But I don't like the Popeye,” he added. I think we would be hard pressed to find someone who does like Popeye hanging out in the corner of the cover. What’s that all about?!

Phuel commented, “She looks very unlike herself and so much like the fabulous Veronica Webb, so I adore. That Popeye icon is just dumb and juvenile.”

So, Halle Berry can do no wrong when it comes to magazine covers, but let’s just leave Popeye out of it next time, okay?

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