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Aline Weber, Sean O’Pry, and Frida Kahlo(!) Work It for Vogue Mexico (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Mexico November 2012 - Aline WeberVogue Mexico November 2012 - Sean O'PryVogue Mexico November 2012 - Frida Kahlo

November seems to be a big month for Vogue Mexico, as their Aline Weber in Lanvin-covered issue is accompanied by a Vogue Hombre supplement featuring Sean O’Pry, and an additional supplement with Frida Kahlo. Even if we’re not quite sure what the Frida Kahlo supplement has in store for us, Vogue Mexico made it work with these three covers.

“Aline looks beautiful on the cover!” justaguy posted. “Just could have done without the pinkish backdrop. Sean's cover is pretty cool, too and I'm really curious as to what's planned around Frida Kahlo.”

MyNameIs wrote, “That cover is seriously gorgeous. I loooove the colors. Aline looks beautiful. The whole thing looks very expensive and sophisticated. Love the Hombre cover too.”

Lightblue commended Vogue Mexico on their choice of cover subjects. “Aline's so gorgeous and Sean's just freaking hot.” You’ll find no argument from me on those points.

Images via the Fashion Spot forums.