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Nicolas Ghesquière is Leaving Balenciaga (Forum Buzz)

Nicolas GhesquiereFor fifteen years, since 1997, Nicolas Ghesquière has been synonymous with Balenciaga. Under his creative direction the brand was revitalized and rejoined the ranks of the most powerful and influential fashion houses. Ghesquière is unarguably one of the most acclaimed designer’s of his generation, and his and Balenciaga’s “joint decision to end their working relationship” on November 30 has sent ripples of shockwaves through the fashion industry today.

“I'm so shocked,” Psylocke posted. “Did not see this coming at all. He was perfect for Balenciaga. Just look at the hundreds of ‘this looks like Balenciaga’ comments in every collection thread on tFS. He has really made the brand his own and developed such a distinct look for the brand that has become so influential and popular, I can't imagine him getting replaced by anyone else, those are some huge shoes to fill. I really wonder what his plans are for the future. This is so strange.”

“Definitely takes me aback,” Scott shared. “I just wonder what he has up his sleeve? Does he want to take a break from fashion? Does he have another venture planned?”

Marc10 simply wrote, “I'm having a stroke.”

No information has been released as far as where Ghesquière will go next, or who will replace him as creative director at Balenciaga. Could he potentially have plans for establishing a brand under his own name? Either way, it looks like we’re in for another round of designer musical chairs.

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