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Scarlett Johansson Goes Psycho for V Magazine’s Winter 2012 Issue (Forum Buzz)

V Magazine Winter 2012 - Scarlett Johansson photographed by Jean-Paul Goude

Scarlett Johansson's new film, Hitchcock, hits theaters November 23, and V Magazine's Winter 2012 issue couldn't have done a better job at amping up the anticipation. The film, which stars Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock, Helen Mirren as his wife Alma Reville, and Scarlett as Janet Leigh, portrays the behind the scenes battle to get Psycho made. In the film, Scarlett of course recreates Leigh's infamous shower scene, and V's tribute to the scene for their cover (photographed by Jean-Paul Goude) is kind of awesome.

“Such a nice and original take on that Psycho scene,” thought saann. “The shower curtain forming the V is brilliant, I hope the rest of the editorial is just as fun.”

Miss Dalloway wrote: “What a fantastic image, their best cover in years I would say. Love everything about it!”

“Jean-Paul Goude can do no wrong in my eyes,” GERGIN shared. “He really knows how to capture emotion and make it incredibly entertaining.”

I don't know where I've been, but I had no clue this movie existed until I saw this magazine cover. As a fan of Hitchcock's films I kind of can't wait to see it. Here's a look at the film's trailer if you're just as clueless as I was, but want to know more.