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Toni Garrn Looks Weird on the Cover of Vogue Germany’s December Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Germany Dec 2012 - Toni Garrn

I think most of us can agree that Toni Garrn is a beautiful woman. But, she just did not bring it for the cover of Vogue Germany’s December issue. Somehow the picture she teased us with on Twitter back in October is more dynamic than the final cover shot. Her “dead eyes” or “droopy eyes” as forum members seem so fond of calling them, and her dull facial expression kind of ruin the shot and draw all the attention away from her frou frou Alexander McQueen dress.

“I feel like she makes every picture she's in a carbon copy of everything else she's been in,” Psylocke lamented. “The concept itself is nice for the festive season and it would probably have looked okay with someone more expressive.”

Jelavender posted, “The green masthead is a bit random. The model looks lifeless. There is nothing about this cover that screams 'Christmas mood.'”

“Yeah, this cover might have been a lot better if she was a bit more excited looking. I am not convinced,” TREVOFASHIONISTO commented.

First American Vogue, and now German Vogue. What’s with the sad and droopy December covers this year?! If ever there's a time for a smile or a glimmer of excitement in a model's facial expression, it's now.