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Even Elle Fanning Can’t Pull Off Prada’s Crazy Geisha Shoes (Forum Buzz)

Elle Fanning in Prada at the Twilight premiere

Elle Fanning showed up to the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 wearing an ensemble from Prada’s Japan-inspired Spring 2013 collection, complete with the crazy platform geisha shoes that were sent down the runway. I want to give Elle a round of applause for taking a fashion risk and wearing shoes that were definitely going to be controversial, but I hated the shoes when they walked down the runway, and I still hate them now. Sorry, Elle.

Lvstratus posted, “That might be the most hideous thing I‘ve ever seen. Seriously Elle?”

MulletProof, on the other hand, defended the look, and she made some good points. “It doesn't bother me for some reason, I think it's positive that she's experimenting with style and what's considered ridiculous and can make it cute (sort of), especially in a business that nowadays demands girls to be fashion-conscious in a very adult and calculated way. We all wore silly things when exploring fashion in our mid teens, I'd be more concerned about girls like Chloe Moretz, who will likely dress like she's 24 for around 20 years (way before, during, and after) and will not be able to look back at those brief years where you have unlimited freedom to play with your image and make a total fool of yourself if you want to before succumbing to what's acceptable for the rest of your life. I know she's in a business that requires certain parameters but she's not promoting her movie there,” she continued. “Also, the clothes aren't so bad, it's the shoes that are twisting it all into that clumsy Prada silhouette… which I'm admittedly fond of,” she concluded.

Others were also supportive of Elle's fashion risk. "I actually love the Prada dress on her, pretty color and cool shape and though the shoes are a bit crazy, I think they suit her and I love that she takes risks," Melly5525 wrote.

Charlieandmarie posted, "The shoes are ugly, but they're Prada and therefore acceptable in my book. I applaud her for the outfit choice. The dress looks great on her, and she somehow even makes the shoes work. I'm sure she's wearing it better than the thirty-somethings that will down the road."

If Elle Fanning is going to be making fashion mistakes like the rest of the teens in America, then at least she’ll be able to look back and reminisce that her mistakes were made in Prada. That’s a lot more impressive than most of us can look back and admit to.

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