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Daria Werbowy Looks Like a Dude on the Cover of Fat Magazine (Forum Buzz)

Fat Magazine Winter 2012 - Daria Werbowy photographed by Cass Bird

Cass Bird photographed Daria Werbowy (who we usually see looking glam and amazing in French Vogue) in what can only be described as an androgynous look for the cover of Fat Magazine’s Winter 2012 issue. I’m a big fan of Daria’s, and I usually like Bird’s work, but this is really not doing it for me. I’d like the Daria I know and love back, please. And so it seems, would everyone else.

Urban Stylin wrote, “Whoa, this looks like a mug shot from one of those 'ladies who kill' shows on the Crime channel.” I really wish that I could disagree with him, but he’s unfortunately right.

“She looks like a dude here OMG no,” JessicaKarina put it bluntly.

“I never thought Daria could take a bad shot until I saw this one,” Nepenthes posted.

Whether they were saying that it was “a bad passport photo,” or that Daria “looks like most of the boys in my high school yearbook,” or that the shot looks like “Robert Mapplethorpe by Andy Warhol,” everyone in the forums seemed to have a quip about the cover shot, and I can’t really object to any of them.