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Daria Werbowy and Calvin Klein Are Having a Terrible Birthday

"Scorpios are either the best people in the world or the worst," a friend explained to me recently.

Let's not speculate which category Scorpios Daria Werbowy and Calvin Klein fall under, because it's their birthday today, and according  their horoscope, it's not going to be a good one for either of them:

"Family: the sunshine of your life or the new f-word? Today brings a mixed bag of emotions when it comes to your nearest and dearest. While you want to nurture and offer support, you may feel drained by their expectations."

Yuck. That's my nightmare.

The iconic American fashion designer is seventy years old now. That might sound like an advanced age, but I have no doubt that emotionally, he's much, much younger than he looks.

And dear Daria is 29, which is young in the grand scheme of things, but ancient in modeling years. She's practically as old as Calvin Klein. Together, they're some of fashion's most visible senior citizens.

If the two of them have any sense, they'll dip out of their annoying family drama today and go be silly and old together over drinks.

Happy birthday!

Daria Werbowy at Calvin Klein Spring 2005, via Getty Images