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Stuck for Holiday Gift Ideas? Discover Shimla Jewellery

Thinking about your holiday shopping yet? Well, you should be as the December countdown draws near. It’s always easy to buy cute gifts for your girlfriends but it’s never quite as easy to find that perfect sentimental gift that they could keep forever (well, a very long time at least), which most importantly upon purchasing won’t make you feel like you need to remortgage your house. Well, worry no more, as we reckon that we’ve stumbled upon the perfect gift solution made by the fab new London brand, Shimla Jewellery.

Shimla jewellery creates beautifully detailed handmade bracelets from woven cord, sparking fireball crystals, and semi-precious stones. So not only could you treat your bestie to a fashionable bracelet (which we might add, are already becoming a massive trend amongst celebs!), but you could also choose a bracelet that features a stone with specific life enriching properties. A priceless gift if you ask us!

The stones Shimla works with aren't just pretty, there's a bit of science involved as well. The range features the love-attracting Jade, relationship-improving Hematite, and stress-relieving Howlite. Whether you believe in the mystical powers of stones or not, that wise man once said it’s the thought that counts, and choosing a bracelet with a specific healing power stone as a present will exemplify exactly how thoughtful you’ve been in choosing the perfect gift — right? 

The bracelets are available online or at selected stores such as Debenhams, and start at around £50.